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Whether you desire a massage, pedicure or manicure, your time at 
Angels Around You Day Spa will ease your mind, body and spirit.
Close your eyes, relax to soothing music and allow our therapists to rejuvenate you the way you deserve. 

 Each professional at Angels Around You is an Independent business owner.  
  Thank you for your patronage.

Safety - Sanitation, Disinfection, and Sterilization is a priority.
 (Therapist's are certified and Licensed in the state of Michigan)

We have massage rooms for separate massage or offer couples massage in the same room with our Certified/Licensed Massage Therapists . Each session will be specifically designed to your individual needs, goals, and comfort levels.
(A Division of Heaven)


Full Body - Swedish Massage, Relaxing Massage or Light Touch 
60min $67.00 90min $103.00 
These massages are a great way to relax and rejuvenate your body mind and soul.

Full Body Deep Tissue - Sports Massage (pre-event and post-event )Therapeutic Massage, Integrative massage
60Min $77.00 90min $122.00   Add Aromatherapy $15.00

Couples Massage - You and a friend or loved one can relax and share the tranquility, warmth and serenity together. Unwind side by side, each with your own personal therapist in the same private environment. 
60min $144.00    90min $226.00 (Aromatherapy add $20.00)
Deep Tissue massage is more - ask your therapist for pricing


Prenatal massage - This nurturing massage is a peaceful spa experience. It reduces discomfort, smooths tiered aching muscles and is relaxing to the mind as well.  
 (Please be sure to tell us when making your appointment how many weeks pregnant you are)
50-60 Minutes From $67.00

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage - This highly relaxing and rejuvenating massage to the body starts out with heated towels applied to the feet infused with essential oils and massage includes using carved salt stone from the Himalayan mountains which balances the central nervous system and nourishes depleted cells leaving the body in a deep sense of relaxation. Stimulation of specific meridians on the body for improved sleep, reduced inflammation and gives an immediate sense of improved well-being. 75 min $105.00 (you will get to take home the Himalayan salt stone) 

Hot Stone Massage - relax with our exclusive black obsidian hot stone massage this pampering treatment benefits the mind, body and soul on the most therapeutic level. Experience the ultimate feeling of stress and muscle tension melting away with each stroke of the hot stone therapy massage. Hot stone therapy massage combines warm stones with a relaxing massage to aide in easing sore and tense muscles. The techniques with the incorporation of therapeutic heat through the warmed stones. The temperature aids in the healing process much like hot pads do. In addition each stroke with a massage stone is 10 times more effective than a traditional stroke. 
60 min $98.00 

Stress Relief Massage  Truly a stress reducing massage - we work with essential oils during the massage to reduces stress, relieve tension and massage the target areas of your body that we feel you need. This massage will help detoxify the body and rid some toxins - we use warm towels on the back & feet. please be sure to drink plenty of water before and after. 
60 min $85.00 

Reiki - is the Japanese art of using the Universal Light (Energy) and transference of symbols into the client to help ease pain, discomfort or promote free energy flow. The possibilities are endless. The therapist may choose to either do on the body or off the body techniques. 
 $60.00 - (There is no massage in this service)

​Cloud Nine Massage 
This deeply relaxing massage starts with a peppermint foot soak and scrub, then a massage that you and your therapist have agreed upon to help you feel the tension melt away leaving you tranquil and serene.
 75 minutes $105.00

Heavenly Massage with back facial( Most Picked Massage )  - a special blended sea spa back scrub & green tea back mask both removed with warm/hot towels on your back & then a one hour relaxing full body massage with essential oils to help reduce stress, relieve tension & helps detoxify ( Therapeutic and De-Stressing ) recommended to relax your body mind and soul of the everyday life stress. 75 min $105.00

Body/Energy Work Massage - A range of gentle touch therapies used to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance. These sessions can be deeply relaxing, resulting in increased energy and clarity. Therapy may include - chakra balancing, reiki, aura balancing, crainiosacral, healing touch/nerve strokes, reflexology, polarity and essential oils. 60-75 min  $95.00

Massage with Reiki Session - Fullbody therapeutic massage using essential oils and healing touch that balances the body's energy. 60 min fullbody massage 15-20 min reiki $95.00

Arriving Late: Appointment times have been arranged specifically for you. If you arrive late your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours. Depending upon how late you arrive, your service provider will then determine if there is enough time remaining to start a treatment. Regardless of the length of treatment actually given, you will be responsible for the cost of a full session.

​ Relaxing Facials: 

Heavenly Relaxation Facial $78.00 50 min
This Luxurious spa facial experience is designed to enhance the skin appearance and rejuvenate the body mind and soul. Relax and enjoy a nourishing hand and foot massage along with this unforgettable relaxing experience. 

Couples - Side by Side Facials $176.00 60 min
Restore healthy balance to your skin with a customized facial based on your skin type. This Luxurious spa experience for the both of you is designed to enhance the skin appearance and rejuvenate the body mind and soul. Relax and enjoy a nourishing hand and foot massage 
along with this unforgettable relaxing experience.

Other Spa Services

Ionic Detox Footbath 
- The Ionic Cleanse Detox Machine is a high-tech water detoxification system that facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself. It is a pleasure to use because of its simplicity and relaxing effect.
The Ionic Cleanse Detox Machine is a water foot-bath that utilizes stainless steel electrodes, which cleans, balances, and enhances bio-energy, a vital force present in the body’s fluids. This type of energy in an electro-magnetic force stored within the body utilized by our cells.
The machines internal cleansing process includes parasite cleansing and liver detoxification that subsequently results in less fluid retention, reduction of inflammation, improved memory, improved bladder control, a more balanced PH, a stronger immune system, and significant pain relief, inclusive of but not limited to arthritis, gout and headaches. $35.00 per a session 35 min 

​Spa Etiquette

In appreciation for outstanding service, gratuities may be given to the staff at your discretion. The spa & spa coordinator will be happy to assist you. Please be advised that we are unable to run ONLY a gratuity on a credit card.

 Please be sure to make your spa appointment at your earliest convenience so that we are able to assure you a time that best fits your schedule.

Serene Environment 
 Please respect those around you seeking a relaxing atmosphere. Please turn phones to vibrate or turn off. 

 For the safety of the children and comfort of our guests and so the day spa ambiance remains as relaxing as possible, please refrain from bringing children into the salon/spa unless they are scheduled for an appointment.
 We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Cancellation Policy -
We value your business and appreciate your cooperation with our cancellation policy. Please respect our scheduling by keeping appointments whenever possible and providing a minimum of 24 hours notice when canceling or rescheduling appointments. Because your services are guaranteed reservations reserved for you, full payment is required for the following conditions
Less than 24-hour notification to cancel or reschedule an appointment. 
No-show or missed appointments. 
Late arrivals - please keep in mind that arriving late for a service may require us to shorten the length of the treatment, with full charges applied, so as not to inconvenience other guests. We regret that late arrivals will not receive extension of scheduled appointments. When booking your appointments within 24 hours Changes or Cancellations will be subject to a fee. ($25.00)
 We require a 24 hour notice 

​Please call ahead for Side by Side Services & Spa Packages
These are services that fill up fast and need to be planned 48 hours in advanced

***Safety - Sanitation, Disinfection, and Sterilization is a priority***

NOTE--------Each professional at Angels Around You is an independent business owner

*Are Pregnant
*Have allergies or sensitive to something we should be aware of
*High Blood Pressure or heart condition
*Taking medications
*Have muscle or joint injures
*Had recent surgery

NOTE: Prices and Services may vary - Please ask your Technician if you have any questions


Spa Party - Bridal Party - Birthday Party​

Customized Spa Party - Tailored to meet the needs of your party or group
To start the process -
1) Please Choose a contact person to work with our Events Coordinator
2)Select a date and time, contact your chosen guests and agree upon date & time
Try to plan a minimum of 3 weeks ahead; it is also good to agree on a second date if possible, just in case the first choice is not available
After date and time has been confirmed, it is time to pick the services that you would like to indulge in - choose from any services offered on the menu & contact our Spa Event Coordinator to assist you in your planning.
 (Ask about our food and beverage options)
517-788-6245 Please be prepared to provide a credit card to secure your party or spa day reservation. A 7 day cancellation notice is required for all parties and packages to avoid a 50% service charge. No-Shows will be charged in full.
There will be a 18% gratuity added to each service